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Six Strings, a family owned promotional product company in Central Florida was born from a relationship with a very good friend, the comedian “Larry The Cable Guy”. Richie and Jessica Parker started the company in 2003.

Back in his club days, Dan (aka Larry) needed all types of merchandise for his live shows. Richie had worked in the Retail Music Industry for over 26 years and with the all the changes in the industry, he was ready to make a move. While managing the music stores by day, in the evening and on his days off, he would advance shows and ship products to “Larry’s” live shows throughout the USA.

After several months, using the skills Richie learned from retail sales, the business took on a life of its own and a small business was born. Richie knew that anyone could sell products and key to success was doing what’s best for the client every time.

With their wedding 4 months away, Richie left his gig in Music Retail and went full time into the Promotional Product Industry. Clients Bill Engvall, Ron White and Jeff Foxworthy came on board as Six Strings began supplying products for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour across the USA. Richie also worked with many local churches, schools and restaurants providing anything in need.

21 years later, we’re now focused on corporate clients providing products mainly in the Beverage, Auto Performance, Health, Home Care and Restoration Industries.

Our goal has always been to deliver the highest quality items across a wide spectrum of product categories while offering the absolute best client service in the industry. We can be reached "live" between 9am and 5pm EST on the phone, 407.790.7077 or via email: richie@Six-Strings.com or Jessica@Six-Strings.com. With over 750,000 Products Online and Ready to Order, we’re sure to have exactly what you need for your next event!

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